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Ashes of the Singularity features two factions, locked in war: The Post-Human Coalition and the AI beings, The Substrate. Each faction has its own unique set of units, buildings, and abilities to use in war against each other. When playing a single or multiplayer game, you may choose which side you’d like to play and explore their different abilities.

  • Learn more about The Post-Human Coalition

    The PHC is an affiliation of Post-Humans who rose to prominence in the early 22nd century. The source of a PostHuman's power is a resource called Turinium, a manufactured resource derived from the mass of a suitable material.

    Turinium, which is essentially the ultimate computing material, is what these planetary-wide wars are waged over. In any match, Turinium generators can provide a key path to victory over your opponent.

  • Learn more about The Substrate

    In their quest for knowledge, mankind built a sentient AI named Haalee. She taught them how to harvest and utilize Turninium, how to move beyond the stars and onto other worlds to constantly expand their horizons into greater things.

    Eventually, the Post Humans began to distrust Haalee, who began trying to halt their expansion. When the humans who created her turned on her, Haalee formed and began to lead the Substrate, a group of fellow sentient AI beings whose overall goals are still as of yet unknown.