PHC Units

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PHC Units

Below is a complete list of all of the units for the Post-Human Coalition (PHC) faction contained within Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation.


Required to construct buildings, as well as repair them.


PHC Frigates

To enforce the PHC charter, several prominent Post-Humans formed the “PHC Weapons consortium” and pooled their collective ideas into producing weaponized constructs.

The first results from this cooperative effort came in the form of what the PHC now classifies as “frigates”. These early militarized constructs lack both the lethality and refinement of their more advanced cousins, “Cruisers”.

For the first two years that the PHC faced the assorted claim jumpers, the fights consisted mostly of frigate on frigate action. Each side’s crude weaponry was hamstrung by a variety of issues, ranging from the cost of remote production to reliability in the field.

The first generation frigates were mostly tracked vehicles. The problem with tracked vehicles came down to the number of moving parts. Fortunately, the AI Haalee led the way in gravity channeling and gave the PHC a substantial technological advantage by allowing the production of frigates that could hover.

Below is a list of the current Frigates of the line as of 2178. Even at the time of this writing, the PHC Weapons Consortium is working on a series of more sophisticated frigates due out by 2180.

Brute Archer Hermes
Medic Atlas

PHC Cruisers

The “Olympus Project” was a direct result of the “Typhon” incident. The PHC renegade Typhon had claim jumped two worlds and managed to devastate PHC frigate forces by fielding substantially more sophisticated constructs.

Most of the PHC cruisers are modeled after the constructs that Typhon originated. He was ultimately defeated due to the development of the Hyperion class Dreadnought.

Below is a list of the current state-of-the-art PHC cruisers that first debuted in 2177.

Zeus Athena Artemis
Apollo Nemesis Hera
Charon Mobile Nullifier

PHC Dreadnoughts

The “Olympus Titan” project immediately followed the “Olympus Project”. Although considered unnecessary by most members of the PHC, the seriousness of the Typhon war and the increasing cooperation of other PHC renegades spurred the PHC weapons consortium into action.

Prominent PHC leader William “Mac” MacBride led the effort to create the first Greek Titan known as the Hyperion. Designed as an area superiority weapons platform, the Hyperion, like all Dreadnoughts, is a marvel of PHC technology. It utilizes the most obvious advantage the PHC has over any Post-Human renegades – superior quantum access to a given world. The more sophisticated the construct, the higher the connection requirements are.

Because virtually all Post-Humans are still substantially located on Earth, very few are capable of the quality of connection needed to field a Dreadnought on the frontier. However, those who can are all a part of the PHC.

Hyperion Cronus Prometheus

PHC Juggernauts

The biggest, toughest constructs the PHC field. Extremely expensive but tough and deadly, capable of annihilating entire armies.

Agamemnon Leonidas

PHC Combat Aircraft

The PHC have fielded aircraft on new worlds since the beginning. The “Pan” remains the primary PHC air platform both for its onboard sensor array as well as the vision it gives other PHC constructs.

More recently, however, the PHC has had to deploy militarized aircraft to supplement its ground forces. Because the PHC has only recently begun weaponizing its aircraft, it has routinely found holes for its air missions that it hopes to fill in the future with new aircraft such as the upcoming “Ares” project.

Fury Hades Pan
Instigator Air Marauder Strategic Bomber