PHC Buildings

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PHC Buildings


PHC Nexus.jpg
Nexus: The core of a PHC player. It's destruction means defeat for that player. It is defended by Annihilator Cannon, Neutron Beam, and Atropos missile.


Phc resources metalext.jpg
Metal Extractor: Produces 1.75 metal per second and must be built on a metal deposit.
Phc resource radioext.jpg
Radioactives Extractor: Produces 1.75 radioactive per second and must be built on a radioactives deposit.
Phc quantemrelay.jpg
Quantum Relay: Generates Quanta used to unlock global bonuses or to call down orbital support actions.
Phc amplifier.jpg
Amplifier: Place on a power generator to increase the output of all resources in that region by 50%. Only one can be placed on a generator.
Phc refinery.jpg
Refinery: Boosts generator income by 20% when build next to one. Multiple can be built next to the same generator.


Phc factory.jpg
Factory: Constructs frigates: Brute, Archer, Hermes, Medic, Atlas.
Phc armory.jpg
Armory: Constructs cruisers: Zeus, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Nemesis, Hera, Charon, Mobile Nullifier (PHC).
Phc dreadlaunch.jpg
Dread Launch: Constructs Dreadnoughts: Hyperion, Cronus, Prometheus; and Juggernauts: Agamemnon, Leonidas.
Phc skyfactory.jpg
Sky Factory: Constructs aircraft: Fury, Hades, Pan, Instigator.
Advanced Sky Factory: Constructs advanced aircraft: Instigator, Air Marauder, Strategic Bomber.


Phc sensorarray.jpg
Sensor Array: Radar station that detects enemy structures and units at extreme range. Can be upgraded into Kinetic Accelerator.
Phc kinetic accelerator.jpg
Kinetic Accelerator: Upgrades from the Sensor Array. Provides a bonus to all nearby friendly units and buildings, increasing damage output by 20%. Maintains radar coverage.
Smarty System: Cheap, versatile, ground defense system. Can be upgraded into Barrager Turret or Artillery Post.
Barrager Turret: Upgrades from the Smarty System. Features armor-penetrating rockets which do moderate damage and can target both land and air opponents.
Artillery Post: Upgrades from the Smarty System. Extremely long-range turret that can bombard areas uncovered by radar, but is useless against attackers at close range. Can be upgraded into Nova Turret.
Nova Turret: Upgrades from the Artillery Post. Deals heavy damage to shields, does not damage hulls.
Sentinel Turret: Medium range turret that has a heavy cannon that is effective against cruisers and dreadnoughts. Can be upgraded into Oblivion Turret or Stasis Hammer.
Oblivion Turret: Upgrades from the Sentinel Turret. It fires a single depleted Uranium round that devastates anything it hits with kinetic energy.
Stasis Hammer: Stuns enemy units, doesn't deal damage.
Constable: Cheap and fragile anti-air turret. Can be upgraded into Falcon Anti-Air or Air Eliminator Turret.
Falcon Anti-Air: Upgrades from the Constable. Flak-firing anti-air turret.
Air Eliminator Turret: Upgrades from the Constable. Fires a lethal anti-air beam weapon that is capable of destroying most air attackers in a single hit.
Phc dronebay.jpg
Drone Bay: Maintains a devastating defensive drone swarm that is effective against frigates and vulnerable to enemy anti-air.
Phc repairbay.jpg
Repair Bay: Maintains a potent repair drone swarm that is vulnerable to enemy anti-drone units.
Phc MinosCannon.jpg
Minos Cannon: Anti-dreadnought and anti-juggernaut defense. A heavy railgun that fires rapidly when locked on to a target, but takes a moment to acquire a new target.
Emergency Turret: Deployed via orbital ability. Can be upgraded into Shotgun Turret or Machine Gun Turret.
Shotgun Turret: Upgrades from Emergency Turret. Deals large damage, but has a short range.
Machine Gun Turret: Upgrades from Emergency Turret. Capable of dealing moderate damage to both ground and flying targets.
Carving Turret: Strong versus cruisers and dreadnaughts, but overcharged weapons give it a limited life span.


Phc orbitals powerregulator.jpg
Power Regulator: Unlocks the Repair Bay defensive building and Optimize global ability.
Phc orbitals orbfabricator.jpg
Orbital Fabricator: Produces Engineers. Unlocks the Engineer Drop, Call Sentry, Deploy Incursion, and Call Sapper global abilities.
Phc weaponslab.jpg
Weapons Lab: Unlocks the Hera cruiser,Plasma Storm and Carving Turret global abilities.
Phc orbcommand.jpg
Orbital Command: Unlocks the Orbital Strike global ability.
Phc orbnullf.jpg
Orbital Nullifier: Prevents enemy orbital actions nearby. Unlocks the Mobile Nullifier cruiser.
Phc orbitals energyprojector.jpg
Energy Projector: Unlocks the Drone Bay defensive building and Charon cruiser, and Intensive Care and EMP Pulse global abilities.