Substrate Orbital Abilities

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Substrate Orbital Abilities

Orbital Abilities are powers that can be called in to the battlefield and provide a number of roles. Orbital Abilities cost Quanta to use, which is generated from constructing Quantum Archives. Orbital Abilities can be jammed in certain areas due to Orbital Jamming.

Support Abilities

  • Sensor Drone
  • Teleports a sensor drone in to scan the target location and provide vision for 30 seconds.
  • Regenerate
  • Restores shield integrity in a small area via controlled disruption of the magnetosphere.
  • Orbital Jam
  • Protects a large radius from orbital abilities for 60 seconds.
  • Boost
  • Permanently increases a Power Generator or Amplifier's output via careful modulation of quantum pairs. Can be applied three times per region.
  • Overcharge
  • Temporarily boosts a single Power Generator or Amplifier's output with a short-lived unstable quantum linkage.
  • Nano-Mesh Barrier
  • Target unit gains +2000 maximum health (doesn't stack).
  • Serpentine Turret
  • A light rapid-fire turret is instantiated in powered friendly territory for emergency defense.
  • Nano-Transport
  • Reinforcements are teleported upon completion to target army.

Offensive Abilities

  • Drone Swarm
  • Deploys a swarm of assault drones to engage enemy forces for a short time. Powerful but vulnerable to anti-drone units.
  • Nanite Assassination
  • Causes incredible damage to a single unit by teleporting a swarm of destructive nanites directly into its inner systems.
  • Antimatter Detonation
  • Small antimatter charges from orbit are deployed in a concentrated area, resulting in wide area destruction.
  • Call Saboteur
  • Saboteur units can be teleported to any revealed area. Good for harassing the enemy.
  • Call Avatar
  • Spawns an advanced constructor with light weaponry. Can build advanced defenses.