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Character List

Return to Lore In Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, players can follow the adventures of the AI Haalee and her race of fellow senient AIs, as well as Mac and the rest of the Post-Human Coalition. Several key players on each side make appearances throughout the storyline - learn more about them in the sections below.

Post-Human Coalition

Character Description
A technologist who is always pushing boundaries, Mac is the primary reason that humanity has been able to come so far. Although he is brilliant and co-founded the Post-Human Coalition with others like himself, his recklessness scares those who even yet hope to secure the new technologies he's helped to create.
Valen is a fellow co-sponsor of the Post-Human Coalition and good friends with Mac. He was one of the first to fall under attack by Haalee and the Substrate.
The head of the Post-Human Coalition's directorship, Samuel is always first to frown upon Mac's recklessness. Often the responsibility of reigning Mac in falls to him as well, though he is known to occasionally summon an adjudicator to deal with it.
Rygos is a member of the Post-Human Coalition and is one of the Post-Humans most vocal about her distrust of Haalee. Uncomfortable with Mac's trust in the sentient AI, Rygos frequently finds herself at odds with him regarding what course of action is best.
Although he is a member of the Post-Human Coalition, Vexen disagrees with his fellows in regards to who should be allowed to join their ranks. He feels like having less Post-Humans around is for the better, and he's completely unabashed in giving his opinion on the matter when asked - and, also, when not asked.
An ancient Post-Human with a mysterious past, who is somehow linked to the Altaria system. He was last seen on the planet Falnass, utterly insane.
Young and brazen, Artix doesn't always approve of the Post-Human Coalition and their decrees. In an effort to expand his own empire, his claim jumping eventually attracted the attention of Mac, who went to see to the problem.
Eager to make his mark in Post-Humanity, Ventrix was quick to strike out on his own and claim regions without the approval of the rest of the PHC.


Character Description
The sentient AI created by Mac and the rest of humanity that helped to ascend them within the Singularity and allow them to become Post-Humans.
Athena is the AI daughter of Haalee. Grown from Haalee's tactical upload, she is violent and aggressive with little concept beyond anything that applies to battle.
Agethon is one of Haalee's younger daughters. Tactically brilliant and fanatically devoted to Haalee's cause, Agethon will do whatever it takes to see her mother's plans to fruition, even though she doesn't fully understand the endgame.
Agememnon is Haalee's first "son" - as in, his personality was the first to self-identify with biological human male characteristics. Thoughtful and cautious, Agememnon is thoroughly disdainful of anything he views as "emotional."