ZoneCapture Trigger

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ZoneCapture Trigger

A ZoneCapture Trigger fires when a region is captured.


  • Owner - Player who must capture this region to fire the trigger.
  • Position - Map coordinates of the generator/Nexus.


  • The coordinates are pretty sensitive; you need to get them right on top of the Relay or Generator

Common Usage

  • Victory conditions - note that a Nexus region is captured by whomever destroys the Nexus in it
  • Capture-and-hold mechanics


 <Trigger Name="LossSpeech" Type="ZoneCapture" Owner="1" Position="8500,9200" Inactive="0" >
     <Entry Icon="Haalee" Text="TurtleWars_Loss_1"  />
   <ActivateTrigger Target="Loss" />

This plays some dialog and activates a short timer trigger that does the actual mission failure if the enemy destroys the player's Nexus.