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V2.91 Update

Stun changes

  • Stuns (Phoenix, Falling Star, Stasis Hammer) no longer stack. If a unit is stunned while already being stunned, the cooldown for the stun is reset. Previously it would stack on top of each other (5 things shooting would make it stunned for 20 seconds)
  • Falling Star stun will prevent base defenses from upgrading and factories from building units
  • Stasis Hammer will pause the Nest of the Queen from producing more frigates.


2.9 caused some noticeable performance drops which are mostly being fixed through these changes.

  • Adjusted Anti-Air Droves to be much less performance taxing.
  • Adjusted some weapon smoke cloud effects to be much less performance taxing.

Shotgun Turret

Shotgun was able to be outranged by Archer and Reaper when using the hold ground command.

  • Increased cooldown from 0.5 to 0.6
  • Decreased damage form 95 to 90
  • Increased range from 500 to 525

Archer & Reaper

  • Lowered range from 550 to 525
  • Archer projectile speed increased from 330 to 400


  • Added new improved impact effect for Punisher

Rush build Orbital

Allows for rapidly casting on multiple structures.

  • Cooldown reduced from 120 to 0.15

Nano Mesh Barrier

  • Lowered cooldown from 30 to 0.25

Furies & Dominators

  • Increased leash range of Furies and Dominators so they auto engage easier


  • Lowered steering of Tormentor to prevent targeting issues


  • Lowered secondary gun range from 650 to 450
  • Increased main gun range from 400 to 450

Bug Fixes

  • Engineers will no longer repair a structure after finishing a building it before carrying on with the next building queued up. This fixes a bug where engineers get stuck endlessly trying to repair an Amplifier.
  • Fixed Basic & Advanced Tutorial voice over from not playing.

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