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V2.77 Update


One of the main hardware barriers for Ashes was the 1080p requirement since the text displays did not properly function on resolutions below 1920 x 1080. While we definitely still recommend players use at least a 1080p display, we have made some changes to UI scaling and font system so that it will better viewable on different resolutions.

  • Update font system so text doesn't look as fuzzy (especially the smaller text)
  • UI Scale now goes to 140%


We have two new maps from the recent community map competition. We have polished and given minor updates to these maps, but thanks to the original authors who made these great 8 player maps!

Alpha Repeculae

  • Formerly United
  • Author: GlorymanRTS
  • Mode: 4v4
  • Size: Medium
  • Terrain: Snow

The center of Alpha Repeculae is an empty no man's land with only a few Turinium Generators. Prepare for static defense lines as resource locations are quite safe.

Alpha Repeculae.jpg


  • Author: Luxlupus
  • Mode: 4v4
  • Size: Medium
  • Terrain: Terran

The sides of Fornax contain the majority of the Turinium Generators, forcing the central pair to toss up between coordinated assaults against their rivals, supporting the side partners or flanking around to harass exposed locations.


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