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V2.21 Update

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the new host crashes at the end of a game when there was a host migration.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred at the end of a long match when attempting to save replay data.

Air Marauder & Air Rampager

While it's great that the Gunships are now becoming a big part of the game after being neglected for so long, they were a little over buffed in 2.2 due to how much earlier they are arriving with the changes to Aviary & Advanced Air Factory. Rather than toning them down, we want to keep their performance above the Hades and Punisher to make them more distinct. As a result, the Gunships are getting a metal cost increase.

  • Metal cost increased from 200 to 400

Archer Weapon's Tooltip has now been updated to provide the exact amount of armor-piercing

When we updated the weapon tooltips we forgot to do the Archer since it only received armor-piercing in 2.2.

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