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V2.0 Update


Two new campaigns that further chronicle the story of Ashes of the Singularity

  • Memories- See the events of Imminent Crisis from Haalee’s perspective and understand why she gave birth to the Substrate.
  • Escalation- The PHC struggles to to fight the Substrate threat while internal rebellions threaten to break them apart.


  • Wage wars with more than a dozen players at once.
  • New Global View: zoom out and the map changes to a new strategic map that displays holographic display of the entire battlefield. This will allow you better control large groups of armies across the map.
  • Substrate use a new economic system that keeps them from wasting resources. They have unlimited storage, so they can gather infinite amounts of Metal and Radioactives for when they need them.
  • Formation AI has been improved to make it easier to control larger armies.
  • New Orbital Abilities
    • Orbital Jam (Substrate/ PHC) Protects a large radius area from orbital abilities for a short period of time.
    • Nano-Mesh Armor (Substrate/ PHC) Provides an armor bonus to targeted units.
    • Emergency Turret (PHC) Call down a temporary turret to defend a region.
    • Rush Build (PHC) Doubles rate of production to give you a burst of resources.
    • Serpentine Turret (Substrate) This construct can be placed anywhere you have vision, allowing you to deploy it behind enemy lines or to set a trap for incoming forces.
    • Sapper (PHC) The Sapper can be inserted anywhere you have vision. It builds small turrets that can harass or entrap enemy forces.
    • Saboteur (Substrate) The Saboteur can be inserted anywhere you have vision. It specializes in destroy buildings -- use it to target their defenses or cripple their economy.
    • Nano-Transport (Substrate) - Reinforcements are teleported on completion to the target's location.

New Worlds

  • Crystal Worlds Explore alien worlds covered in massive crystals.
  • Lava Worlds Fight battles over volcanic pits on these burning worlds.
  • Huge map size: Even larger maps to conquer.
  • Multi-tier terrain: Get the high ground advantage with more levels available keeping you from being able to get to your enemy, or places to bombard your enemy from.


  • The game interface has been completely re-skinned to make it both more usable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • More dynamic environments with cloud cover, environmental fx (such as ground fog), and environmental sounds.
  • Improved game performance.


  • Buildings can be upgraded into more powerful forms. For example, Smarties can be upgraded into the new Barrager building.
  • New PHC Advanced Sky Factory and Substrate Aviary that build advanced aircraft.
  • New turrets that allow you to better hold territory, harass enemy lines, and strengthen your defenses:
    • Barrager (PHC) This upgrade from the Smarty Launcher has armor penetrating rockets that are effective against both air and ground units.
    • Artillery Post (PHC) An alternate upgrade from the Smarty Launcher, this turret is a long range gun with AOE round useful for shelling groups of enemies from afar.
    • Constable (PHC) A cheap anti-air gun useful for a rapid deployment to quickly build up your defensive line or respond to a sneak attack. Can be upgraded to the Falcon Anti-Air turret.
    • Air Eliminator (PHC) An upgrade to the Constable, the Eliminator takes out enemy aircraft with a single shot. Great against Strategic Bombers and Harbingers.
    • Oblivion (PHC) This upgrade to the Sentinel Post fires a single depleted uranium round whose kinetic energy absolutely devastate to single targets.
    • Starburst(Substrate) One of the two possible upgrades to the Blossom Launcher, this flak cannon that sends out a pulse of energy above it to damage groups of enemy aircraft.
    • Sky Ender(Substrate) The alternate upgrade to the Blossom launcher, this expensive anti-air defense cannon is the ultimate sky defense and is great at taking down squadrons of enemy aircraft.
    • Shredder (Substrate) An upgrade to the Drone MRV, this flak cannon that sends out a pulse of energy above it to damage groups of enemy aircraft.
    • Disruptor Cannon(Substrate) This nasty cannon will absolutely melt incoming swarms of frigates.
    • Heavy Annihilator(Substrate) This upgrade to the Annihilator shoots endless streams of superheated plasma that does even more damage to both air and ground units.
    • Pulverizer(Substrate) This nasty creature fires a steady, long beam that does massive damage to everything in its path.
    • Exterminator (Substrate) This expensive weapon is an upgrade from the Pulverizer and is great for attacking both air and ground units.ann
    • Serpentine (Substrate) This construct can be placed anywhere you have vision, allowing you to deploy it behind enemy lines or to set a trap for incoming forces.


New units to add new variety and gameplay dynamics.

  • Hera (PHC): A giant tank sporting heavy armor and a really powerful gun. Useful for holding a defensive line against waves of enemies.
  • Instigator (PHC) A fast unit that can harass and punish enemies that have spread out too quickly.
  • Marauder (PHC) A large hovering gunship used to destroy enemy cruisers.
  • Strategic Bomber (PHC): Send this bomber in to destroy your enemy's buildings with a single large explosion.
  • Caregiver (Substrate) This unit boosts multiplies an army's strength by recharging its defenses.
  • Harbinger (Substrate) A flying unit specially designed to blow up your enemy's buildings.
  • Harvester (Substrate) A small unit that increases the amount of resources gathered, boosting your economy.
  • Masochist (Substrate) The Masochist increases your army defenses by detecting and destroying incoming projectiles by using its shields to protect others.
  • Rampager (Substrate) An evil looking thing that is great for destroying large numbers of small units.
  • Mobile Nullifier (Substrate/PHC) This large unit blocks all nearby enemy orbitals.
  • Charon (PHC) A large unit that teleports army reinforcements to it's location.

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