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PHC - Brute
General Information
Type Frigate
Constructed by Factory
Time 6 seconds
Metal 40
Logistics 3
Spawn Count 3
Hit Points 134
Sight Radius 800
Radar Radius 815
Weapon - Anbus Plasma Cannon
Range 300

The Brute is a frigate class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.

Cheap and high durability, strong against other frigates.


The BR-T3 construct, affectionately called “The Brute,” was rushed into production as a replacement to the N-1 Sentry platform that proved too cumbersome to command.

The Brute's primary strength is that it can be produced in squads of 6 as cheaply as its more sophisticated singly-produced cohorts. Their primary purpose is to keep an enemy engaged in battle while more lethal constructs move in for the kill.

The Brute is armed with the Anbus Plasma Cannon, which fires bolts of superheated plasma at enemies from very close range.


The Brute is a reliable tank unit early game, with fast speed and takes a surprising amount of damage before going down.

Extremely cheap and proven fairly worthwhile to produce to soak damage even for cruisers. Brutes also trigger off weapon of enemy cruisers fairly often due to how fast they are in front of the main army, sometimes making it become combat-winning.

The Brute can surprisingly overwhelm Archers and Reapers if they're numerous enough, proving that damage is not the only way to win a battle.

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