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Substrate - File:Tormentor
General Information
Type Frigate
Constructed by Assembly
Time 14 seconds
Metal 64
Radioactives 10
Logistics 7
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 24
Shield 60
Sight Radius 800
Radar Radius 825
Weapon - Plasma Saturator
DPS 15
Range 1300
Requires energy; Area effect weapon

The Tormentor is a frigate-class ship for the Substrate.


The Tormentor is a large range indirect fire frigate, capable of saturating an area with inaccurate artillery shells with area of effect damage. The Tormentor lacks the accuracy and single target damage of the Destructor artillery cruiser, making it intended for use against units rather than structures. The Tormentor drains energy when it fires, making it benefit from Capacitor support, especially to provide radar.

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