Timer Trigger

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Timer Trigger

Timer triggers fire after a delay.

Timer triggers are by far the most common triggers in most Ashes scenarios.


  • Time - Time in seconds after this gets triggered that it takes place.

Common Usage

  • Initial setup (leave active, set timer to 0)
  • Recurring attack waves (use ActivateTrigger to reactivate itself)
  • Delayed effects (waiting a few seconds to do something after a Nexus is destroyed, to let the VO play and the explosion be admired)
  • Delayed objectives (give the player an objective after a few minutes so they're not so overwhelmed at mission start)


 <Trigger Name="tEasyDefenses" Type="Timer" Timer="0" Inactive="1" >
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_DroneBay" Player="1" Position="3328,-2176" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_Sensor" Player="1" Position="3520,-2240" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_DroneBay" Player="1" Position="-2688,-2176" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_Sensor" Player="1" Position="-2880,-2240" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_DroneBay" Player="1" Position="-3200,-6700" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_Sensor" Player="1" Position="-2880,-6592" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_DroneBay" Player="1" Position="3840,-7168" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_Sensor" Player="1" Position="3904,-7360" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_DroneBay" Player="1" Position="-4708,-10340" />
   <SpawnBuilding Name="temp" Template="PHC_Sensor" Player="1" Position="-4416,-10048" />

This is activated from a Difficulty trigger and spawns additional defenses for the player.

 <Trigger Name="tIntro_1" Type="Timer" Timer="0" Inactive="1" >
   <LetterBox Enable="0" />
     <Entry Icon="Samuel" Text="InceptionPHC_Intro_1" />
     <Entry Icon="Samuel" Text="InceptionPHC_Intro_2" />
     <Entry Icon="Samuel" Text="InceptionPHC_Intro_3" />
   <Objective Name="oSurvive_Obj" String="InceptionPHC_Survive_Obj" />
   <Objective Name="oDestroyPHC_Obj" String="InceptionPHC_DestroyPHC_Obj" />
   <Objective Name="oContainNihilon_Obj" String="InceptionPHC_ContainNihilon_Obj" />    
   <AreaIndicator Name="iDestroyWeasley" Position="8512,-8256" Color="Red" Size="300" Duration="-1" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="iDestroyGamgee"  Position="-8512,-5440" Color="Red" Size="300" Duration="-1" />
   <ActivateTrigger Target="tCaptureWest_Breadcrumb_Timer" />

This plays some opening dialog, sets up objectives, and starts the timer for a hint trigger that will fire in a few minutes.

 <Trigger Name="tActualLoss" Type="Timer" Timer="1" Inactive="1" >
   <EndMission Victory="0" String="Altaria_LossString" />

This ends the mission with a loss after being called by a ZoneCapture trigger.