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   <li>Sensor Drone</li>
   <li>'''Sensor Drone'''</li>
   <li>Orbital Jam</li>
   <li>'''Orbital Jam'''</li>
   <li>Nano-Mesh Barrier</li>
   <li>'''Nano-Mesh Barrier'''</li>
   <li>Serpentine Turret</li>
   <li>'''Serpentine Turret'''</li>

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Orbital Abilities are powers that can be called in to the battlefield and provide a number of roles. Orbital Abilities cost Quanta to use, which is generated from constructing Quantum Archives. Orbital Abilities can be jammed in certain areas due to Orbital Jamming.

Support Abilities

  • Sensor Drone
  • Regenerate
  • Orbital Jam
  • Boost
  • Overcharge
  • Nano-Mesh Barrier
  • Serpentine Turret
  • Nano-Transport

Offensive Abilities

  • Drone Swarm
  • Nanite Assasination
  • Antimatter Detonation
  • Call Saboteur
  • Call Avatar