Substrate Buildings

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Substrate Buildings


  • Sub resourceS metalext.jpg
    Metal Extractor: Produces 1 metal per second. Must be built on Metal Deposit
  • Sub resources radioact.jpg
    Radioactives Harvester: Produces 1 radioactive per second. Must be built on a Radioactives Deposit
  • Sub quantumarchive.jpg
    Quantum Archive: Generates Quanta used to unlock global bonuses or call down orbital support actions
  • Sub resources amplifier.jpg
    Amplifier: Place on a power generator to increase the output of all resources in that region


  • Sub production assembly.jpg
    Assembly: Constructs frigates, cruisers, and aircraft
  • Sub production advancedassembly.jpg
    Advanced Assembly: Constructs Dreadnoughts
    Aviary: Constructs fighter aircraft.


  • Sub def listeningpost.jpg
    Listening Post: Detects enemy forces at extreme range
    Annihilator Cannon: Upgradable turret that annihilates approaching enemy ground units.
    Heavy Annihilator Cannon: Upgrades from the Annihilator Cannon and is even more effective against enemy ground units.
    Disruptor Cannon: Upgrades from the Heavy Annihilator Cannon. Shoots a beam with massive area of effect to melt frigates.
    Blossom Launcher: Upgradable turret that fires rocket volleys at enemy aircraft.
    Sky Ender: Upgrades from the Blossom Launcher. Expensive, but the ultimate anti-air defense.
    Starburst: Upgrades from the Blossom Launcher. Sends out a burst of energy to damage all enemy air units around it.
    Drone MRV: Upgradable defense structure that launches arcing drone pods at incoming ground units for heavy area damage.
    Shredder Turret: Upgrades from the Drone MRV and has added armor, plus a plasma cannon to target laser enemies.
    Pulverizer Turret: Upgradeable turret that fires a single powerful beam to do massive damage against a single unit.
    Exterminator Turret: Upgrades from the Pulverizer Turret. This powerful beam weapon can only target ground units.
  • Sub regenerator.jpg
    Regenerator: Restores shield integrity of nearby units and structures


  • Sub orbital energymodulator.jpg
    Energy Modulator: Unlocks the “boost” and “overcharge” orbital calldowns
  • Sub orbital gateway.jpg
    Gateway: Unlocks the “avatar” orbital calldown
  • Sub orbitals orbitaldronerelay.jpg
    Orbital Drone Relay: Unlocks the “drone swarm” and kills orbital calldowns
  • Sub orbital quantumjammer.jpg
    Quantum Jammer: Prevents enemy orbital actions nearby
  • Sub orbital subspacestreamer.jpg
    Subspace Streamer: Unlocks the “detonate” and “regenerate” orbital calldowns