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Faction Description

In their quest for knowledge, mankind built a sentient AI named Haalee. She taught them how to harvest and utilize Turninium, how to move beyond the stars and onto other worlds to constantly expand their horizons into greater things. Eventually, the Post Humans began to distrust Haalee, who began trying to halt their expansion. When the humans who created her turned on her, Haalee formed and began to lead the Substrate, a group of fellow sentient AI beings whose overall goals are still as of yet unknown.

Each side has several different buildings and units. Understanding what they are and what their function is will be an essential part of your strategy.

Combat Unit Types

Many of the Substrate's units consume energy and require it in order to fire their more dangerous weaponry. For a complete list, please visit Substrate Units.


These small, quick aircraft are inexpensive to make and easy to use to swarm. Only a small handful of them consume energy. Substrate frigates come in small squadrons.


The Substrate cruisers have heavy shields, are versatile in their nature, and ultimately built to combat against their enemy units in the PHC.


Substrate Dreadnoughts are devastatingly dangerous with a variety of roles. Not as tough as PHC dreadnoughts in an upfront fight, but have rapidly regenerating shields.


Substrate juggernauts are ultimate manifestation of Substrate technology, capable of decimating entire armies on their own.


Substrate aircraft are fast-moving and technologically advanced.



  • Sub resourceS metalext.jpg
    Metal Extractor: Produces 1 metal per second. Must be built on Metal Deposit
  • Sub resources radioact.jpg
    Radioactives Harvester: Produces 1 radioactive per second. Must be built on a Radioactives Deposit
  • Sub quantumarchive.jpg
    Quantum Archive: Generates Quanta used to unlock global bonuses or call down orbital support actions
  • Sub resources amplifier.jpg
    Amplifier: Place on a power generator to increase the output of all resources in that region


  • Sub production assembly.jpg
    Assembly: Constructs frigates, cruisers, and aircraft
  • Sub production advancedassembly.jpg
    Advanced Assembly: Constructs Dreadnoughts
    Aviary: Constructs fighter aircraft.


  • Sub def listeningpost.jpg
    Listening Post: Detects enemy forces at extreme range
    Annihilator Cannon: Upgradable turret that annihilates approaching enemy ground units.
    Heavy Annihilator Cannon: Upgrades from the Annihilator Cannon and is even more effective against enemy ground units.
    Disruptor Cannon: Upgrades from the Heavy Annihilator Cannon. Shoots a beam with massive area of effect to melt frigates.
    Blossom Launcher: Upgradable turret that fires rocket volleys at enemy aircraft.
    Sky Ender: Upgrades from the Blossom Launcher. Expensive, but the ultimate anti-air defense.
    Starburst: Upgrades from the Blossom Launcher. Sends out a burst of energy to damage all enemy air units around it.
    Drone MRV: Upgradable defense structure that launches arcing drone pods at incoming ground units for heavy area damage.
    Shredder Turret: Upgrades from the Drone MRV and has added armor, plus a plasma cannon to target laser enemies.
    Pulverizer Turret: Upgradeable turret that fires a single powerful beam to do massive damage against a single unit.
    Exterminator Turret: Upgrades from the Pulverizer Turret. This powerful beam weapon can only target ground units.
  • Sub regenerator.jpg
    Regenerator: Restores shield integrity of nearby units and structures


  • Sub orbital energymodulator.jpg
    Energy Modulator: Unlocks the “boost” and “overcharge” orbital calldowns
  • Sub orbital gateway.jpg
    Gateway: Unlocks the “avatar” orbital calldown
  • Sub orbitals orbitaldronerelay.jpg
    Orbital Drone Relay: Unlocks the “drone swarm” and kills orbital calldowns
  • Sub orbital quantumjammer.jpg
    Quantum Jammer: Prevents enemy orbital actions nearby
  • Sub orbital subspacestreamer.jpg
    Subspace Streamer: Unlocks the “detonate” and “regenerate” orbital calldowns