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Strategic Bomber
PHC - Strategic Bomber
General Information
Type Aircraft
Constructed by Advanced Sky Factory
Time 100 seconds
Metal 1085
Radioactives 1100
Logistics 45
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 6510
Armor 4
Sight Radius 1100
Radar Radius 1115
Weapon - Mega Bombs
DPS 100
Range 700
Armor-piercing; Area effect weapon; Long recharge

The Strategic Bomber is an aircraft unit for the Post-Human Coalition.

Heavy bomber with devastating area of effect damage.


Incredibly tough and capable of dropping large infrastructure bombs, the Strategic Bomber is the terror of ground-units everywhere. With armor-piercing and area damage, this unit's Mega Bombs can devastate an army if it isn't dealt with quickly.

It is armed with Mega Bombs, a destructive strategic bomb designed to obliterate groups of units or structures.


  • Strategic Bomber is slow but durable and does tremendous amount of AoE damage. This makes it effective vs large armies where in whatever off-position the bomb might drop, it is guaranteed to do significant damage. Clumped defenses are also very good targets.
  • It's most effective to protect the Strategic Bombers with Fury squads to escort them to their destination.
  • Unlike Air Harbinger, Strategic Bomber does not have good and precise single target damage and cannot deal with lone units below the size of dreadnoughts or juggernauts without wasting a lot bombing run to drop the bomb precisely, particularly targets that have moderately high movement speed. It's best used to attack clumped and large armies / groups of units for maximum value rather than chasing lone units before most likely going down to enemy anti-air and ASFs.
  • Strategic Bomber Mega Bombs can destroy drones (except for invincible anti-air drones). This makes them surprisingly effective at shutting down the Overmind dreadnought. However, the Overmind does have an anti-air drone swarm, thus, it needs to be finished quickly or the Strategic Bomber will get shot down.

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