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The Assets/GameCore/ModuleTemplates/SteeringModuleTemplates.csv file Controls the movement behaviour of units when engaging the enemy such as desired attack range. This file contains a lot of useless fields left over from the WeaponModuleTemplates file that can be ignored, but the the following fields are important:

Name: This is the field referenced in the .Module files

Update Function & Flags: These fields are almost never changed. Just leave them as is

Targeting Priorities: These determine which unit types to steer towards. Units will automatically approach enemy targets to engage them, and these targeting priorities determine whether it's a frigate or Dreadnought that is approached. Aside from Turrets, this needs to be set the same as the targeting prioritises inside the WeaponModulesTemplates.csv.

Min & Max Firing Range: The desired attack range where the unit "wants" to be, it will move forwards or backwards to remain inside this min-max threshold. This is not the same as the weapon range, this is the distance from its target that a unit will move itself to when engaging the enemy.

Default Leash: When stationary, the distance an enemy has to enter for the unit to engage it.

Aggressive Leash: When an attack move command is ordered, the distance an enemy has to enter for the unit to engage it.