Sky Cleanser

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Sky Cleanser
Sub frigates skycleans.jpg
A Sky Cleanser
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Frigate
Cost 3 Logistics, 100 Metal, 24 seconds
Hit Points 60 x 2
Energy 0
Shields 80 x2

The Sky Cleanser is a frigate-class ship for the Substrate.

Anti-air and anti-drone frigate.


This anti-air and anti-drone frigate is an absolute terror for flying units. Inexpensive to build in mass, the Sky Cleanser is an excellent early-game counter to a rushed air bombing raid. Its anti-air gun will barrage enemy aircraft with deadly projectiles and send them careening down and out of the sky.

Weapon Specs

Demeter Autogun

Dumb firing anti-air flak barrage that fills the sky with deadly projectiles.

  • 44 DPS per unit
  • 1200 meters range
  • Area Effect Weapon
  • 20% armor-piercing 

Game Usage

  • Sky Cleansers are produced in squad of 2, and is Substrate only reliable ground anti-air unit. A common misconception is that Drone Hive is the Substrate equivalent of Apollo. This is not true, as Drone Hive has much lower AA DPS (damage, range, precision and AoE) compared to both Sky Cleansers and Apollo.
  • Despite being a frigate, Sky Cleansers performance is quite impressive, nearly comparable to Apollo, only losing to Apollo durability and weaponry precision. This means air armies with high AoE damage (such as Hades and/or Strategic Bomber) can beat Sky Cleansers relatively effectively. This also means that anti-frigate cruisers could reduce Substrate anti-air effectiveness as well as Plasma Storm (while Apollo, with a cruiser durability, can easily survive).
  • Sky Cleanser has zero weaponry to deal with ground units and is completely helpless vs them. Due to this, it's important to not over-produce them as the opponent might benefit from it by doing a production switch from air to ground.
  • Sky Cleanser is the quick and easy solution to deal with the Overmind dreadnought. Assuming equal upgrades, a group of 7 Sky Cleansers squads (14 total) can severely negate casualties caused by the Overmind and a group of 10+ completely shutdown the Overmind's drones DPS. The same could almost be said about the Drone Swarm orbital ability, requiring roughly 50% more amount of Sky Cleansers.