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Substrate - Skirmisher
Sub Skirmisher.jpg
General Information
Type Cruisers
Constructed by Auxiliary Assembly
Time 38 seconds
Metal 310
Radioactives 95
Logistics 11
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 510
Armor 1
Shield 1300
Sight Radius 1000
Radar Radius 1015
Weapon - Gemnire Beam
DPS 208
Range 750
Requires energy

The Skirmisher is a cruiser-class unit for the Substrate.

Raider cruiser. Extremely nimble and useful for harassing the enemy.


The Skirmisher is a raider cruiser armed with the Gemnire Beam, a compact laser retrofitted to be on a more portable frame.


  • Because its weapon utilizes energy it is essential for the Skirmisher to be paired with Capacitors.

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