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Substrate - Searcher
Sub aircraft searcher.jpg
Sub aircraft searcher.jpg
General Information
Type Aircraft
Constructed by Nexus; Aviary
Time 20 seconds
Metal 70
Logistics 2
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 57
Shield 132
Sight Radius 2000
Radar Radius 2400

The Searcher is an aircraft for the Substrate faction.

Airborne scout. Cheap reconnaissance unit with long sight range and radar.


This unarmed scout aircraft is excellent for flying over any type of terrain very quickly. It has no way to defend itself and is never meant to be deployed in combat, but it is vital for exploring regions easily and rapidly and pinpointing where enemy positions are.


  • Searcher is useful early game for scout the enemy expand pattern and frigate squads movement.
  • Searcher however falls of quickly once ASFs are on the field as it can not outrun the ASF superior speed nor having enough durability to withstand the ASF DPS.

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