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Substrate - Saboteur
General Information
Type Frigate
Created by Call Saboteur
Quanta 85
Logistics 20
Spawn Count 3
Hit Points 124
Shield 270
Sight Radius 800
Radar Radius 815
Weapon - Ion Bolt Cannon
DPS 10
Range 600

The Saboteur is a frigate-class unit for the Substrate.

Weak but numerous, built to harass vulnerabilities in enemy lines.


The Saboteur is a construct that is specifically made for harassing enemy lines. In order to summon a Saboteur, the player must first have a Gateway and be generating Quanta in order to pay for orbital abilities. The ability calls down several Saboteurs at a time, which are very fragile but have huge damage

It is armed with an Ion Bolt Cannon, originally designed for welding, but it serves equally as well into taking apart units and structures.


  • Saboteurs spawns in group of 3, deals extremely good damage for a frigate-class unit and has flexible targeting similar to Reaper without the reliance on energy.
  • Saboteurs can be considered tier 1.5 units, capable of killing low health cruisers, cruisers that are not well equipped to deal with frigates, lone engineers and lightly defended nodes.

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