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General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Frigate
Cost 80 Quanta, 12.5% ramp up
Hit Points 20 x 8
Shields 40 x 8
Armor 0

The Saboteur is a frigate-class unit for the Substrate.

Weak but numerous, built to harass vulnerabilities in enemy lines.


The Saboteur is a construct that is specifically made for harassing enemy lines. In order to summon a Saboteur, the player must first have a Gateway and be generating Quanta in order to pay for orbital abilities. The ability calls down several Saboteurs at a time, which are very fragile but have huge damage

Weapon Specs

Ion Bolt Cannon

  • 14 DPS per unit
  • 600 meters range
  • 20% Armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • Saboteurs spawns in group of 8, deals extremely good damage for a frigate-class unit and has flexible targeting similar to Reaper without the reliance on energy.
  • Saboteurs can be considered tier 1.5 units, capable of killing low health cruisers, cruisers that are not well equipped to deal with frigates, lone engineers and lightly defended nodes.