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Substrate - Retributor
Sub dreadnought retributor.jpg
General Information
Type Dreadnought
Constructed by Advanced Assembly
Time 300 seconds
Metal 4800
Radioactives 2000
Logistics 90
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 11340
Armor 6
Shield 13860
Sight Radius 1400
Radar Radius 1415
Weapon - Particle Beam Cannon [x4]
DPS 400
Range 700
Weapon - Light Plasma Cannon [x6]
DPS 273
Range 700

The Retributor is a dreadnought class ship for the Substrate.

Assault Dreadnought - Tough Dreadnought that can annihilate large armies of cruisers and frigates.


This assault dreadnought is an offense-minded heavy ship with a variety of weaponry. It boasts four Particle Beam Cannons that unleash devastating streams of charged particles to tear apart enemies, while its six Light Plasma Cannons are excellent as a medium-range all-purpose air/ground defensive weapon.

Dreadnought Upgrades

Instant Repair - Single Use Effect ===

Immediately restores 5000 health to the Dreadnought by deploying a cloud of short-lived nanites.

Backup Generator - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Increases maximum shield capacity by 50% with an auxiliary reactor.

  • Increase the Retributor shield to 16500.

Nano-Reinforced Armor - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Adds Heavy Armor (+20% armor) to the Dreadnought by reinforcing the hull on the molecular level.

  • Requires 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1
  • Increase the Retributor armor to 80%.

Havoc - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Emergency weapons protocol lets the Dreadnought overcharge its weapons in a terrible display of power.

  • Requires Tech Path Upgrade Level 2


An emergency short-range targeting protocol for the Dreadnought's weapon systems which obliterates encroaching enemies.

  • 191 DPS per unit
  • 500 meters range
  • Area Effect Weapon
  • Long Recharge

Targeting Computer - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Increases the entire army's rate of fire by 25% by slaving lesser units' targeting routines to the Dreadnought.

  • Army aura that increases attack speed by 25%

Energy Transfer - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Strengthens the entire army's damage by 10% by applying theoretical physics principles to all weapon systems.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1
  • Army aura that increases damage dealt by 10%

Inertial Dampeners - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Speeds the entire army's movement by 20% by increasing stress tolerance of hull superstructures.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2
  • Army aura that increases movement speed by 20%


  • Similar to the Hyperion, the Retributor can be treated as a tier 3 combined version of Avenger and Mauler. However, the Retributor have stronger DPS in exchange for weaker durability due to not having the Self-Sealing Hull upgrade. Instead, the Retributor possesses very offensive-oriented upgrades and arguably the strongest set of army auras in the game (Targeting Computer - 25% attack speed, Energy Transfer - 10% damage and Inertial Dampeners - 20% movement speed), making an army led by a Retributor extremely dangerous if it has acquired high levels.
  • Similar to most Dreadnoughts, the Retributor requires anti-air support. However, once the army auras upgrades are acquired, the supporting anti-air can pose even greater threat than proper anti-air fighters or even the Overmind, which makes the Retributor a very tempting choice, with the only obstacle being how to gain enough experience to acquire the upgrades.
  • Being slightly different to the Hyperion, the Retributor deals with cruisers / frigates army by having a tier 3 unit durability (although much less impressive than the Hyperion) and a very strong powerhouse DPS weaponry instead. Approaching a Retributor with a cruisers army guarantees to incur serious cruisers losses. It's usually advised to have a leading Dreadnought so that the weaponry targeting priority of the Retributor is forced to attack the Dreadnought (not entirely) to help lessen the casualties.
  • It's very important to take favorable engagements as much as possible with the Retributor, as being able to acquire at least 2 of the 3 army auras make the Retributor army extremely valuable, and cause the opponent having to invest in serious counter measure, most recommended being a Prometheus or Savager, to quickly destroy the Retributor and thus, removing the army auras.
  • The most exploitable weakness of the Retributor is its position being the leader of the army at the front. This allows itself to be blown up by Nemesis-heavy armies and/or Eradicators/Heras-heavy armies before its trailing army can start to mobilize.

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