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Sub frigates reaper.jpg
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Frigate
Cost 3 Logistics, 140 Metal, 25 seconds
Hit Points 10 x 4
Energy 20 x 4
Shields 35 x 4

The Reaper is a frigate-class ship for the Substrate.

Anti-cruiser and anti-building. Requires Capacitors to recharge its weapons.


This medium-range frigate focuses fire on one enemy at a time. In order to attack, the Reaper consumes energy and fires a powerful beam known as the Reaper Scythe. Has a small amount of armor-piercing making it perfect for engaging enemy cruisers.

Weapon Specs

Reaper Scythe

Powerful ranged beam weapon. Consumes energy. If it runs out of energy it must wait until it recharges before firing again. Penetrates light armor.

  • 10 DPS per unit
  • 600 meters range
  • 20% armor-piercing
  • Requires Energy

Game Usage

  • Reapers can be considered mini-Maulers that deal very reliable damage and, if not too much counters are on the field, can be the backbone of a Substrate army.
  • Reapers drain energy very quickly and having no alternative weapon to use while it's drained of energy. Thus, having accompanying Capacitor is quite a necessity. However, overproducing Capacitor will lead to lack of DPS and is not advised. Also, being a frigate, Reaper usually die very quickly in combat, so the concern of energy-starved is actually quite unfounded.
  • Mass Reapers can catch enemy off-guard if they don't have enough anti-frigate measures in time. However, if they do, it serves as a double-edged sword, wasting a lot of metals for little gains.