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Substrate - Reaper
Sub frigates reaper.jpg
General Information
Type Frigate
Constructed by Assembly
Time 8 seconds
Metal 60
Logistics 7
Spawn Count 2
Hit Points 22
Shield 53
Sight Radius 800
Radar Radius 815
Weapon - Reaper Scythe
DPS 13
Range 625
Requires energy

The Reaper is a frigate-class ship for the Substrate.

Anti-cruiser and anti-building. Requires Capacitors to recharge its weapons.


This medium-range frigate focuses fire on one enemy at a time. In order to attack, the Reaper consumes energy and fires a powerful beam known as the Reaper Scythe. Has a small amount of armor-piercing making it perfect for engaging enemy cruisers.


  • Reapers can be considered mini-Maulers that deal very reliable damage and, if not too much counters are on the field, can be the backbone of a Substrate army.
  • Reapers drain energy very quickly and having no alternative weapon to use while it's drained of energy. Thus, having accompanying Capacitor is quite a necessity. However, overproducing Capacitor will lead to lack of DPS and is not advised. Also, being a frigate, Reaper usually die very quickly in combat, so the concern of energy-starved is actually quite unfounded.
  • Mass Reapers can catch enemy off-guard if they don't have enough anti-frigate measures in time. However, if they do, it serves as a double-edged sword, wasting a lot of metals for little gains.

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