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Sub aircraft punisher.jpg
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Aircraft
Cost 10 Logistics, 310 Metal, 220 Radioactives, 50 seconds
Hit Points 250
Shields 1050
Armor 0

The Punisher is an aircraft for the Substrate faction.

Precision bomber. Strong vs cruisers and buildings.


This bomber has deadly single target damage with moderate armor-piercing weaponry. The Punisher's Plasma Bombard is a heavy energy air-to-ground weapon that leaves nothing but devastation in its wake. The Punisher has lots of burst damage but has considerable delay before it can re-strafe its target, making it good for hit and run tactics.

Weapon Specs

Plasma Bombard

  • 67 DPS per unit
  • 1200 meters range
  • 40% armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • While its flying pattern resembles that of a bomber, the Punisher weapon acts like a heavy-hitting gunship, making it ideal for hit and run on most targets but not for dealing with frigate or even cruiser swarms.
  • Punishers are easier to amass than Air Harbinger or Air Rampager should it needs to be an emergency response to a Dreadnought or Juggernaut. Having very high armor-piercing as well as high speed makes it perform better than the Air Rampager vs big targets but overall weaker vs everything else.