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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Dreadnought
Cost 100 Logistics, 6000 Metal, 2000 Radioactives, 440 seconds
Hit Points 17500
Armor 60%

The Prometheus is a Dreadnought class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.

Dreadnought Destroyer - Anti-dreadnought unit with full armor-piercing, but weak against large armies of cruisers.


The Prometheus remains highly controversial within the PHC since its entire existence is justified on its ability to kill the Hyperion. The Prometheus is very vulnerable to both frigates and cruisers, thus making it largely unsuited on the battlefield unless the opponent is fielding Hyperions.

This capital ship is devastating versus other dreadnoughts. It is capable of incredible bursts of damage against single targets and is greatly feared in the field. Like its other dreadnought counterparts, the Prometheus has heavy armor that absorbs up to 60% of incoming damage.

The Prometheus is well-armed, though its most prominent armament is its front-mounted Quad Pulse Cannon. This impressive weapon deals massive damage to in-range enemies which completely ignores enemy armor. 3 smaller plasma cannons mounted on the ship are excellent for annihilating enemy cruisers at a medium range, and 4 heavy autocannons round out its arsenal by using depleted uranium shells to punch holes in nearby smaller targets.

Weapon Specs

Quad Pulse Cannon

Devastating frontal pulse cannon that does massive damage to enemies within range.

  • 346 DPS per unit
  • 750 meters range
  • 100% armor-piercing

Plasma Cannon [x3]

Deadly plasma array well-suited to annihilate enemy cruisers at medium range.

  • 16 DPS per unit
  • 600 meters range

Heavy Autocannon [x4]

Uses depleted uranium shells to punch holes in nearby small targets.

  • 56 DPS per unit
  • 400 meters range

Dreadnought Upgrades

Instant Repair - Single Use Effect

Immediately restores 5000 health to the Dreadnought by deploying a cloud of short-lived nanites.

Main Battery Overload - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Adds a slow-recharge alternative firing mode to the Dreadnought's main cannon that shreds all but the hardest targets in single activation.


The Prometheus shunts all of its available power into a rapid-fire barrage of laser pulses.

  • 114 DPS per unit
  • 750 meters
  • Armor-piercing
  • Long Recharge

Annihilate - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Increases firing rate of entire army by 25% by centralizing weapon protocols within the Dreadnought's mainframe.

  • Requires 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1
  • Army aura that increases attack speed by 25%

Substructure Reinforcement - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Grants the entire army additional hit points by injecting preframulated amulite into the support structures.

  • Requires Tech Path Upgrade Level 2
  • Army aura that increases hit points by 15%

Draining Beams - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Adds two health-draining beam modules to the Dreadnought. Their experimental nature only allows them to target enemy Dreadnoughts and Juggernauts.

Draining Beam

Experimental nanite beam that repairs the hull of the Dreadnought using material scavenged from an enemy Dreadnought,

  • 65 DPS per unit
  • 750 meters
  • Armor-piercing
  • Long Recharge

Precision - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Boosts the entire army's damage against Dreadnought and Juggernaut class enemies by 20% thanks to advanced superstructure analysis.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1
  • Army aura that increases damage dealt to Dreadnoughts and Juggernauts by 20%

Durantium Armor - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Increases Armor by 20% with a permanent coat of extra-hard Durantium alloy.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2
  • Increase the Prometheus armor to 80%.

Game Usage

  • The Prometheus can be treated as a tier 3 Athena, melting any tier 3 units if allowed to engage in close combat.
  • Despite its description and the nature of its weapons, it's still quite deadly vs cruisers (albeit less than the Hyperion, but in a out-lasting manner rather than damage). Approaching a Prometheus with a cruiser army will still incur quite some cruiser losses but you can eventually wear it down.
  • If there is no supporting army, the Prometheus can actually be taken down by swarming frigates, a very cost-effective method, although it is an unlikely scenario.
  • The Prometheus can also be used to clear defenses as its main weapon can target turrets. However, it does so in a brute force manner and will likely go down itself if the defenses is well fortified and has many Sentinel Turrets or Pulverizer Turrets or their upgraded versions.
  • Although there are army aura upgrades available, it's usually recommended to get the Dreadnought enhancing upgrades instead to further turn the Prometheus into a moving Dreadnought killer that causes non-anti-Dread Dreadnoughts to shy away from engaging, allowing the Prometheus and its supporting army to pose more threat and take important positions.