Post-Human Coalition

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Faction Description

The PHC is a loose affiliation of Post-Humans who rose to prominence in the early 22nd century. The source of a Post-Human's power is a resource called Turinium. This is a manufactured resource that is derived from the mass of a suitable material. Turinium, which is essentially the ultimate computing material, is what these planetary-wide wars are waged over. In any match, Turinium generators can provide a key path to victory over your opponent.

Unit Types

To view a full list of the Post-Human Coalition's Units (combat and non), please see PHC Units.


To view a full list of the Post-Human Coalition's buildings, please see PHC Buildings.

Orbital Abilities

To see a full list of orbital abilities available to the PHC please see PHC Orbital Abilities.


See article Post-Human Coalition (Lore) for a detailed view on the lore of the PHC faction.

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