Player (scripting)

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Player (scripting)

To do much of anything, you'll need to define players in the XML file for your scenario. This is done with individual <Player> tags that enable or disable their AI, sets faction, team, and color, etc.

You'll likely refer to these players later in the script by number, where 0 is the first player defined, 1 is the next, and so on.


  • Name - Name of the player
  • Faction - Faction the player belongs to [ PHC | SS ]
  • Team - What team the player belongs to
  • Color - What is the team color for the player [ 1-14 ]
  • AIType - Set to “Player” if this is player controlled. "On" for AI control, "Off" for passive [ On | Off | Player ]
  • AIDifficulty - What setting this AI player is on [ Beginner | Novice | Easy | Intermediate | Normal | Challenging | Tough | Painful | Insane ]
  • AIPersonality - What Personality the AI player is. [options in DefaultPlayerAI.xml, random when not set]
  • NoSeed - Set this to 1 to disable a Nexus for the player. Note: Doing this will mean you need to manually set victory/loss triggers, as the generic Seed Victory condition won't trigger.
  • NoEngineer - Set this to 1 if the player isn’t going to start with an Engineer.
  • StartLocation - Which start location the player uses. Corresponds with what you see in the skirmish lobby.


<Player Name="You" Faction="PHC" AIType="Player" Team="1" Color="7" />
<Player Name="Mac" Faction="PHC" AIType="On" Team="1" Color="1" />
<Player Name="Haalee" Faction="SS" AIType="On" Team="2" Color="2" />
<Player Name="Splinter" Faction="PHC" AIType="Off" Team="3" Color="4" NoSeed="1" NoEngineer="1" />

In this example, the player is index 0, Mac 1, Haalee 2, and Splinter 3.

The player and Mac are on a team together, while Haalee and the Splinter are each on their own teams.

The Splinter has its AI turned off, either to create passive guardians or script-controlled incoming waves, or some such thing where you don't want an AI messing with your scenario.