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PHC - Pan
General Information
Type Aircraft
Constructed by Nexus; Sky Factory
Time 20 seconds
Metal 70
Logistics 2
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 210
Sight Radius 2000
Radar Radius 2400

The Pan is a scouting aircraft for the Post-Human Coalition.

Airborne scout. Cheap reconnaissance unit with long sight range and radar.


The Pan is a weak scouting aircraft that doesn't have any weapons to but its purpose is vital nonetheless. The pan is a quick-moving scout that covers large distances in a very short amount of time while also being able to stay out the of enemy line of fire. Its ability to fly over all types of terrain make it a more versatile scout than the Hermes in the mid-to-late game.


  • Pan is useful early game for scout the enemy expand pattern and frigate squads movement.
  • Pan's use however falls off quickly once ASFs are on the field as it can not outrun the ASF superior speed nor having enough durability to withstand the ASF DPS.

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