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Sub dreadnought overmind.jpg
The Overmind
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Dreadnought
Cost 90 Logistics, 3600 Metal, 2400 Radioactives, 400 seconds
Hit Points 4000
Energy 0
Shields 11000
Armor 60%

The Overmind is a dreadnought-class ship for the Substrate.

Swarm Dreadnought - Overwhelms enemies with swarms of drones effective against all targets, including air. Drones can be shot down with anti-air weaponry.


A swarm dreadnought that serves as an armed, mobile drone platform. Drones, however, are not its only form of attack -- the Overmind boasts 4 Gentle Persuader Level III Plasma Negotiators that fire bursts of energy against land-based targets. Can upgrade to a shield projector to replenish nearby shield integrity.

Weapon Specs

Gentle Persuader Level III Plasma Negotiator [x4]

Energy weapon suitable for use against any land-based target.

  • 64 DPS per unit
  • 600 meters range
  • Armor-piercing

Drone ManuFactory

Massive chamber housing nanites that continually replenish 3 swarms of deadly drones.

  • 2 Assault Drone Swarms
  • 1 Anti-Air Drone Swarm (Invincible)

Dreadnought Upgrades

Instant Repair - Single Use Effect

Immediately restores 5000 health to the Dreadnought by deploying a cloud of short-lived nanites.

Additional Drone Squadron - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Gives the Dreadnought another drone squadron with the addition of a secondary launch bay.

ManuFactory Expansion

Improves the Drone ManuFactory to maintain a fourth drone swarm.

  • 1 Assault Drone Swarm

Durantium Armor - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Increases armor by 20% with a permanent coat of extra-hard Durantium alloy.

  • Requires 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1
  • Increase the Overmind armor to 80%.

Drone Factory - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Cuts the Dreadnought's drone respawn time in half with advanced nanoconstruction techniques.

  • Requires Tech Path Upgrade Level 2
  • Reduces drone swarm respawn time from 2 seconds to 1 second.

Shield Projector - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Adds a module that allows the Dreadnought to quickly refill the army's shields with an energy pulse.

Shield Regeneration Field Projector

Projects a 360 degree ion field that repairs all nearby shields.

  • 17 DPS per unit
  • 600 meters
  • Armor-piercing
  • Area Effect Weapon

Static Charge - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Interrupts all nearby enemy weapons and propulsion systems with a pulse of disabling radiation.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

EMP Burst

The Controller uses special EMP generators to temporarily shut down enemy units in a wide area.

  • Long Recharge
  • Area Effect Weapon

Shield Amplifier - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Doubles the Dreadnought's shield recharge rate with advanced reactor design.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Game Usage

  • The Overmind can be treated as a tier 3 Drone Hive, possessing 2 Assault Drone Swarms and 1 Anti-Air Drone Swarm, which is invincible (meaning the Overmind always have anti-air damage). However, its drones are significantly stronger (in both health and damage) than Drone Hives and replenish much faster and is a lot stronger than a common misconception that it possesses 3 Drone Swarms equivalent to 3 Drone Hives.
  • Once Shield Projector upgrade is acquired, the Overmind offers very good sustainability and with a few more Caregivers, can quickly recover the shield damage done by EMP Pulse orbital (however, this is not to be misinterpreted as it can completely outlast the combo usage of both EMP Pulse and Plasma Storm together, as that would require a lot of Caregivers).
  • The Overmind weaponry offers generic, but good damage, thus allowing it to engage almost any targets on the ground and air (except for very heavy Strategic Bombers and Air Harbingers), posing serious threat if the opponent is ill-prepared for it. It does, however, have a very exploitable weakness which is its Drone Swarms themselves. This allows high AA damage army to nullify its DPS, allowing the army to slowly wear it down without much casualties.
  • Unlike other Dreadnoughts, the Overmind is strong vs air and requires very moderate or little anti-air support. This can throw player off from the common reflex to use air army to dissuade a Dreadnought army. Combined with being the cheapest Dreadnought, this makes the Overmind usually the first Dreadnought to build and can cause serious threat being alone by itself (if the player chooses to do so) while the main army is posing threats somewhere else.
  • The Overmind attack range is further than a player usually perceives as its Drones can move further away from it with a fairly far leash range. With some meticulous kiting, this can allow the Overmind to siege defenses while taking little damage. This, however, can not exploit Sentinel Turrets, Pulverizer Turrets or their upgraded versions as their range is further than this.