Nest of the Queen

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Nest of the Queen
Substrate - Nest of the Queen
Nest of the Queen.jpg
General Information
Type Juggernaut
Constructed by Advanced Assembly
Time 400 seconds
Metal 9600
Radioactives 4000
Logistics 270
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 22012
Armor 11
Shield 30345
Sight Radius 2000
Radar Radius 2015
Tool - Shield Regeneration Field Projector
DPS 24
Range 600
Area effect weapon
Weapon - Repair Drone Bay
Weapon - Drone Manufactory
Weapon - Drone Bay

The Nest of the Queen is a juggernaut class warship for the Substrate.

Swarm Juggernaut - Spawns rapidly replacing frigates and drones to overwhelm enemy armies and air units. Weak against enemy Juggernauts in a direct fight, but has rapid regeneration and supports friendlies.


The Nest of the Queen is a swarm juggernaut, that houses rapidly replacing frigates and drones designed to overwhelm enemy positions and armies.

The Nest of the Queen also fills a support role, having both a shield projector which replenishes nearby shield integrity and is the only Substrate unit to have repair drones which restore health. The Queen's several drone swarms are also capable of engaging air units, making the Queen the most versatile Juggernaut and with sustainability but lacking direct power against enemy juggernauts.


  • The "Queen" is widely regarded as the weakest Juggernaut out of the 4 due to having many counters to 2 of its main weapons (Drones and Frigates). The Queen can be easily shutdown (and slowly killed) by armies with high AoE damage and high AA damage. The Queen is severely countered by Disruptor Cannon and Strategic Bomber due to them being able to shutdown both of the Queen main weaponry at once.
  • The Queen cannot duel with Leonidas or Eye of Darkness Juggernauts as they can shutdown the Queen by overwhelming single target damage while ignoring the Queen weaponry. The Queen also has some problem with the Agamemnon, due to the later being able to clear out the Queen's frigates fairly quickly while potentially damaging the Queen in the process with its overwhelming AoE damage.
  • However, the Queen is still a Juggernaut and not being ready to deal with it will result in a very quick defeat. Having extremely good sustainability out of all Juggernaut (and in fact, of all units in the game), it cannot be worn down like other Juggernauts. You either have enough firepower and/or counters to deal with it or you will sacrifice units for barely any permanent damage.
  • The Queen general-purpose weaponry boasts an immense DPS and flexibility (due to the nature of Drones and Frigates targeting) and thus can deal with most units, defensive structures and lower tier units swarming, except for its specific counters. The Queen DPS can skyrockets if the frigate spawning RNG is right, allowing it to have mostly Saboteurs and/or Reapers instead of Martyrs. However, this does not last long as the frigates usually die off and get replaced quickly.

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