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The Nemesis
General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Cruiser
Cost 10 Logistics, 500 Metal, 100 Radioactives, 60 Seconds
Hit Points 500
Armor 20%

The Nemesis is a cruiser class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.

Anti-dreadnought cruiser with powerful armor piercing attack. Long range but little health. Can't target buildings.


The Nemesis was the PHC’s answer to Typhon’s “Assassin” cruiser. Like the Assassin, the Nemesis fires a single high energy slug that pierces all armor and does massive kinetic damage to its target. Because of the thermal energy produced with each shot, its rate of fire is severely restricted. The Nemesis remains the ultimate “sniper” construct on the field. The Nemesis is a fragile but deadly against dreadnoughts and juggernauts due to its ability to negate all armor.

Weapon Specs

TG-400 Heavy Sniper Railgun

A specialized version of PHC rail cannon technology. Long-range and capable of doing tremendous damage. Brutal against cruisers and dreadnoughts.

  • 87 DPS per unit
  • 800 meters range
  • 80% Armor Piercing
  • Long Recharge

Thantos LP A-1000 Plasma Cannon [x2]

A short-range but powerful weapon.

  • 36 DPS per unit
  • 400 meters range

Game Usage

  • Nemesis is extremely good vs. Dreadnoughts and Juggernauts that don't do insane AoE damage and/or multi-targeting damage. They're quicker to amass and more mobile than other expensive solutions, such as anti-Dread Dreadnoughts, anti-Jugg Juggernauts or tier 2 anti-Dreadnoughts defenses.
  • Nemesis, despite being able to target frigates, is rather helpless vs them due to its low rate of fire and high amount of overkill damage.
  • Using Nemesis to deal with Athena or Mauler swarms is usually a bad idea due to the high mobility (once engaged in combat), high health and high DPS of these close combat cruisers. However, mixing in Nemesis once the Athena meat shield has become significant enough to block enemy Athenas and/or Maulers from reaching the Nemesis will start to yield value over time, particularly when the Nemesis can fire its Railgun more than once, essentially one-shotting 2 cruisers out of the equation.
  • Similar to Athena, Nemesis main weapon cannot target turrets, making it contribute very little when attacking defenses.