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Substrate - Masochist
General Information
Type Cruiser
Constructed by Assembly
Time 50 seconds
Metal 450
Radioactives 80
Logistics 10
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 540
Armor 2
Shield 1260
Sight Radius 1000
Radar Radius 1015
Weapon - Plasma Flail
DPS 213
Range 400

The Masochist is a cruiser class ship for the Substrate.

Heavy anti-frigate unit. Attacks become more powerful as it takes damage.


This anti-frigate ship is aptly named. As the Masochist becomes damaged, the attacks of its Plasma Flail become even more powerful, often to the point where it can take out enemy cruisers easily. Its plasma flail is powered by all of the Masochist's absorbed damage; the more damage this unit takes, the more beams it can use at once.


  • The Masochist can be considered an upgraded version of the Avenger, with good frigates clearing capability (albeit with a trigger condition), almost twice the durability and no reliance on energy. It's slightly slower than the Avenger, but faster than the slow cruisers, such as Drone Hive.
  • The Masochist is basically a moving bomb, dealing more and more damage (in an AoE manner) the closer it gets to dying. This is particularly dangerous to close range frigates and cruisers, but is usually not an issue for range cruisers, such as Nemesis or Hera.
  • Overall, the Masochist is underused as it's hard to justify its cost when it could be spent on building other cruisers that could potentially live through the fight and gain more value in the next combat. The Masochist is the opposite of this longevity idea, and is designed to suicide with having mostly HP durability and next to no shield durability, making it unable to regenerate the damage taken. Also, the availability of heavy cruisers and Nemesis, all of which have good range, greatly reduces the Masochist effectiveness as it dies before it can get close enough to unleash the damage.

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