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Sub frigates martyr.jpg
A Martyr
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Frigate
Cost 2 Logistics, 75 Metal, 16 seconds
Hit Points 30 x 3
Energy 0
Shields 30 x 3

The Martyr is a frigate-class ship for the Substrate.

Fast anti-frigate.


The Martyr is a fast and short-range frigate that is excellent as a counter against other light targets and can be used to harass enemy lines. Its plasma launcher shoots semi-autonomous energy-based munitions and can quickly wipe out frigate swarms.

Weapon Specs

Energy Fluffers

Semi-autonomous munitions intended for use against enemy frigate swarms.

  • 6 DPS per unit
  • 300 meters range

Game Usage

  • Martyrs are built in squads of 3 and is a reliable frigate in the early game as generic damage and/or tank units.
  • Martyr falls off in combat strength fairly quickly into the game due to the various anti-frigate cruisers becoming available, as well as ground defenses that have durability too high for its DPS to deal with before falling to the defenses weaponry.