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The Instigator
General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Aircraft
Cost 6 Logistics, 300 Metal, 60 Radioactives, 36 seconds
Hit Points 1500
Armor 40%

The Instigator is an aircraft unit from the Post-Human Coalition.

Heavy air scout which can capture enemy territory.


The Instigator is a heavy scout aircraft that is tough and with large sight range. Unarmed but can capture regions.

Weapon Specs

Interdictor Cannon

Inaccurate pulse cannon that does light damage to buildings and smaller ground units.

  • 9 DPS per unit
  • 800 meters range

Game Usage

  • Instigator can be considered an upgraded version of Pan. However, with slow movement speed, it does not function well as a scout. Instead, it's a harassing back lines unit, capable of capturing region as an air unit (and is the only air unit in the game capable of doing so).
  • Instigator can be countered fairly easily either with ASFs or a ground anti-air unit to block the capture progress. The only thing that prevents it from being hard-countered is due to its very good durability.
  • An Instigator in a chaotic battle at the right place can provide very high value harass, such as cutting off undefended nodes that are important links to another group of nodes.