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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Dreadnought
Cost 90 Logistics, 4800 Metal, 2000 Radioactives, 400 seconds
Hit Points 15000
Armor 60%

The Hyperion is a Dreadnought class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.

Area Dominance Dreadnought - Overwhelms large armies with rapid firing weaponry and tough survivability.


The Hyperion was the first, and for a while, only, Dreadnought. It is an area superiority platform. Its array of weaponry will destroy virtually any army of any size on a given world largely without backup.

When first launched, it was simply referred to as “The Titan”. A doomsday weapon designed to make clear to any PHC renegades that their defiance and law breaking was futile.

An area dominance dreadnought, the Hyperion is a capital ship with superb staying power in the field. Its heavy armor that absorbs up to 60% of incoming damage and its high hit points make this dreadnought very difficult to take down. 

In addition to its already solid defenses, the Hyperion’s WRX 1020 Pulse Cannons fire a stream of medium-range energized particles that break down the molecular bonds of the foes they impact. Its 8 Hercules MK-1 Dual Autocannons fire explosive shells at nearby targets and force them to give this massive ship a wide berth.

Weapon Specs

WRX 1020 Pulse Cannon [x2]

Fires a stream of medium-range energized particles that break down the molecular bonds of foes they impact.

  • 357 DPS per unit
  • 700 meters range

Hercules MK-I Dual Autocannon [x8]

Standard PHC projectile weapon that fires explosive shells at nearby enemy targets.

  • 178 DPS per unit
  • 400 meters range

Dreadnought Upgrades

Instant Repair - Single Use Effect

Immediately restores 5000 health to the Dreadnought by deploying a cloud of short-lived nanites.

Self-Sealing Hull - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Slowly repairs damage to the Dreadnought as a permanent firm of repair nanites seals breaches caused by enemy weapons.

  • Regenerates 1% of the Hyperion total HP per second, in addition to its innate regeneration.

Healing Drones - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Launches a self-replenishing swarm of hull-repair drones to support the Dreadnought and its army.

  • Requires 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Repair Drone Bay

Nanite vats that maintain a swarm of drones that automatically repair units and structures within range.

  • 1 Repair Drone Swarm

Durantium Armor - 1st Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Increases Armor by 20% with a permanent coat of extra-hard Durantium alloy.

  • Requires Tech Path Upgrade Level 2
  • Increase the Hyperion armor to 80%.

Assault Drones - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1

Launches a self-replenishing swarm of offensive drones to harass any threats to the Dreadnought.

Drone Bay

Onboard autofactory that maintains a deadly swarm of drones

  • 1 Assault Drone Swarm

Disabling Bolts - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2

Enemies struck by the Dreadnought's weapons have a small chance of being temporarily disabled.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 1
  • The Hyperion has a chance to stun enemy target on hit

Overload Engines - 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 3

Increases the entire army's speed by 20% by dynamically evaluating reactor containment tolerances.

  • Requires 2nd Tech Path Upgrade Level 2
  • Army aura that increases movement speed by 20%

Game Usage

  • The Hyperion can be treated as a tier 3 Zeus and Athena combined, although less so of the later. It can deal with most cruisers / frigates armies with ease, especially with supporting army and kiting. Once Self-Sealing Hull is acquired, it becomes almost impossible for cruisers / frigates armies to kill a kiting and well-controlled Hyperion and the situation would call for a Prometheus and/or Savager.
  • The Hyperion weaponry offers generic, but good damage, thus allowing it to engage almost any targets on the ground, posing serious threat if the opponent is ill-prepared for it.
  • Unlike what it seems to be a common misconception, the Hyperion deals with cruisers/frigates army not in a DPS powerhouse manner but in a out-lasting manner. Its weaponry can easily 2 shots cruisers, clear swarming frigates relatively quickly as well as overpowering low and mid tier defenses easily while being difficult to take down. It would only shy away from swarming Athenas, Nemesis-heavy armies, Sentinel Turrets, Pulverizer Turrets or their upgraded versions.
  • It's important to take favorable engagements with the Hyperion until Self-Sealing Hull is acquired as the damage taken is quite permanent and would take Medics and/or Repair Bays a long time to fully repair a Hyperion.
  • While it takes a long time for air armies to kill a Hyperion, it's still very unfavorable to take free damage and as thus, anti-air support should be provided.