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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Cruiser
Cost 16 Logistics, 640 Metal, 200 Radioactives, 80 Seconds
Hit Points 2400
Armor 30%

The Hera is a cruiser class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.

Heavy cruiser. Slow but tough with long range damage effective against cruisers and buildings. Good for spearheading an assault against base defenses or defending an area.


The Hera is a Heavy cruiser with heavy armor that absorbs up to 30% of incoming damage, 50% more than standard cruisers. Its Fusion Bombard weapon is long range but with a slow recharge, effective against other cruisers, base defenses and moderate against Dreadnoughts. The Hera is versatile, but slow and can be swarmed by frigates due to a slow rate of fire.

Weapon Specs

Fusion Bombard

Fusion technology is used to deliver a deadly energy charge on the enemy target.

  • 61 DPS per unit
  • 900 meters range
  • 30% armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • Hera is a heavy cruiser and can be considered tier 2.5 units, bridging the gap between standard cruisers and dreadnoughts. Hera can be treated as a slow but high range and high damage Athena (albeit its DPS is actually lower than Athena, not accounting for armor reduction of the target).
  • Hera weapon can target frigates. While it's generally considered overkill damage and a waste of weapon cooldown, Hera is not completely helpless vs frigates and a critical mass of Hera will actually do decently vs frigates. Coupled with anti-frigate cruisers, this weakness can be significantly negated.
  • Hera speed is particularly slow. This makes an attack involving them is never a surprise. This also makes them a very nice target for Hades and Strategic Bomber as their weaponry will have very close to 100% accuracy when targeting Hera clumped formation.
  • Once a critical mass is reached, Hera durability combined with its good range poses a very serious threat and requires an AoE-clearing Juggernaut, AoE from air (so as not to take the damage) or a nuke (Orbital Strike or Antimatter Detonation) to deal with.