Heart of the Phoenix

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Heart of the Phoenix
Substrate - Heart of the Phoenix
Heart of the Phoenix.jpg
General Information
Type Juggernaut
Constructed by Advanced Assembly
Time 550 seconds
Metal 12000
Radioactives 7200
Quanta 1225
Logistics 300
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 24500
Armor 11
Shield 39000
Sight Radius 2000
Radar Radius 2015
Weapon - Stephrious Destruction Battery
DPS 388
Range 700
Tool - EMP Burst
Long recharge; Area effect weapon
Weapon - Tesseract Energy Battery
DPS 118
Range 700
Weapon - Tesseract Energy Battery
DPS 97
Range 700
Weapon - Tesseract Energy Battery
DPS 189
Range 700

The Heart of the Phoenix is a juggernaut class warship for the Substrate.

Endurance Juggernaut - Multipurpose juggernaut, when destroyed it forms a chrysalis. If given long enough time, it will respawn.


The Heart of the Phoenix is an endurance juggernaut, with the potential to never be destroyed.

Its weapons should not be underestimated. It is armed with the Stephrious Destruction Battery, which launches an ultra-focused plasma barrage that decimates anything impacted by its blast, and three Tesseract Energy Battery, which launch rapid-fire plasma barrages that annihilate swarms of light enemies.

It also is equipped with an EMP Burst, that temporarily shutdowns enemy units in a wide area.

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