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Substrate - Harvester
General Information
Type Worker
Constructed by Nexus
Time 70 seconds
Metal 180
Logistics 12
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 500
Shield 500
Sight Radius 1000
Radar Radius 0

The Harvester is a small resource unit for the Substrate.

Economy unit. Move to a Generator to increase its base income by 15%. Multiple Harvesters can enhance a region.


The Harvester travels to regions and gathers resources, even if the region is unclaimed or belongs to another player. The Harvester's resource rate is much less efficient than Extractors and Amplifiers, but there's no limit to how many Harvesters can collect resources from a region, making it useful in the late game to continue increasing resource output. Harvesters draw resources relative to the amount of Extractors on a region.


  • While there's no limit to how many Harvesters can collect resources from a region, there's a technical limit and a generator will be capped at that point, due to the Harvester being unable to squeeze close enough to form the connection string with the Generator.
  • Harvesters are vulnerable to air raids and should be protected with anti-air turrets or units.
  • Harvesters pay off its cost very slowly since most nodes in the game consists of 3-4 resource deposits or less. Thus, it's unwise overproduce them if an attack is imminent.
  • Harvesters is the final and the end game eco option for the Substrate after Amplifiers and Boost orbitals are maxed out on all resource nodes.
  • Currently, the Harvesters' connection strings cause a considerable amount of lags if the game is run on high quality graphic. Thus, it's advised to not spam them too hard if your computer cannot handle the game at end game scenario's. The other workaround is simply to lower the graphic quality.

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