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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Aircraft
Cost 8 Logistics, 200 Metal, 140 Radioactives, 50 seconds
Hit Points 400 x 3
Armor 0

The Fury is a fighter aircraft for the Post-Human Coalition.

Air superiority fighter. Fast and deadly versus enemy bombers.


This air-to-air fighter aircraft is equipped with 2 forward-mounted autocannons that are ideal for dealing with enemy fighters or bombers. Its Atropos missiles hone into other air units and cause modest damage.

Weapon Specs

Autocannon [x2]

Forward-mounted anti-air autocannons. Ideal for dealing with enemy fighters or bombers.

  • 226 DPS per unit
  • 300 meters range
  • 15% armor-piercing

Atropos Homing Missile

Standard anti-air homing missile.

  • 21 DPS per unit
  • 500 meters range
  • 15% armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • Like most traditional ASF (Air Superiority Fighter), Fury has high speed but has to face the target to unleash its damage. Thus, it requires some micro to engage at the correct angle as well as knowing when it's engaging in a bad angle and retreat quickly.
  • Fury is usually the go-to solution for anti-air when dealing with mass air/bomber on large maps as they're usually too mobile for ground anti-air unit to catch up.
  • Also due to its high speed, Fury can be a more effective scout than the Pan, provided that losing a few Furies does not lead to losing air control.