Eye of Darkness

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General Information
Type Juggernaut
Constructed by Advanced Assembly
Time 600 seconds
Metal 22000
Radioactives 8000
Quanta 1200
Logistics 350
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 28013
Armor 13
Shield 28500
Sight Radius 2000
Radar Radius 2015
Weapon - Shield Regeneration Field Projector
DPS 781
Range 1000
Armor-piercing; Area effect weapon

The Eye of Darkness is a juggernaut class warship for the Substrate.

Juggernaut Destroyer - The pinnacle of Substrate's technological superiority, ruptures the fabric of spacetime to destabilize targets at the molecular level. Has an area of effect damage with armor-piercing, strong against all ground targets but lacks anti-air.


The Eye of Darkness is a juggernaut destroyer and anti-ground powerhouse, capable of decimating all ground targets.

The Eye of Darkness only has a single weapon, affectionately named Attitude Adjuster by the PHC. It fires a deadly beam which explodes in a wide area of effect, which negates all armor making it deadly against all targets. The Eye of Darkness lacks any form of anti-air, making it vulnerable and can't duel a Leonidas directly.


  • The "Eye" is arguably regarded as the best Juggernaut in the game. Despite having what seems like a very serious weakness (zero anti air capability), the Eye is able to decimate any lower tier armies with ease, having problem only with the Leonidas. However, a Juggernaut is usually supported with lower tier units armies, and a Leonidas usually finds itself standing alone fighting against an army after the Eye has launched a few shots, clearing away significant amount of the Leo's supporting army.
  • The Eye however, can be swarmed by lower tier armies due to having very low rate of fire. This can be negated by having a support army or better yet, having more than one Juggernaut on the field (which requires a massive economy to support).
  • Despite having a single AoE weapon, the Eye still has immense single target damage, as a trade off for the small AoE of the weapon. This nature of the weapon makes the Eye easily mistaken as the equivalent of the Agamemnon as the AoE-clearing Juggernaut, which it is not. This does not imply that the Eye can duel the Leonidas, it cannot. In fact, no ground unit can do so.
  • The Eye with a proper support army that compliments its weaknesses is extremely hard to stop and must be scouted early to gather a proper response. Even with a proper response, expect heavy losses due to the AoE nature of the "Attitude Adjuster" weapon.

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