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General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Cruiser
Cost 18 Logistics, 720 Metal, 240 Radioactives, 90 seconds
Hit Points 800
Shields 1400
Energy 100
Armor 50%

The Eradicator is a cruiser-class ship for the Substrate.

Heavy cruiser. Slow but tough with long range weaponry powerful against dreadnoughts.


The Eradicator is a very slow and powerful cruiser. Its Peeping Tom fires a lethal long range projectile of energy that is made for destroying dreadnoughts at range. It also comes equipped with 7 plasma cannons for light ground defence.

Weapon Specs

Peeping Tom

A lethal energy projectile especially made for destroying Dreadnoughts at range.

  • 57 DPS per unit
  • 900 meters range
  • 100% armor-piercing
  • Requires Energy

Plasma Cannon [x7]

Medium-range all-purpose air/ground defensive weapon.

  • 4 DPS per unit
  • 400 meters range

Game Usage

  • Eradicator is a heavy cruiser and can be considered tier 2.5 units, bridging the gap between standard cruisers and dreadnoughts. Eradicator can be treated as a slow but high range and high damage Mauler. Although the more proper analogy would be a powered up Nemesis.
  • Eradicator second weapon can target frigates. However, it cannot really deal with a massive amount of swarming frigates as the weapon has no AoE. Thus, Eradicator either has to wait for a critical mass or get support from anti-frigate cruisers.
  • Eradicator speed is particularly slow. This makes an attack involving them is never a surprise. This also makes them a very nice target for Hades and Strategic Bomber as their weaponry will have very close to 100% accuracy when targeting Eradicator clumped formation.
  • Once a critical mass is reached, Eradicator durability combined with its good range poses a very serious threat and requires an AoE-clearing Juggernaut, AoE from air (so as not to take the damage) or a nuke (Orbital Strike or Antimatter Detonation) to deal with.
  • Due to how long it can last on the field thanks to its impressive durability, Eradicators can run out of energy (which is required to fire its sniper weapon). Thus, it's necessary to have at least a few Capacitors to accompany them, unless they're expected to not survive the battle.