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The Dialog command is used in scripting to display text to create dialog between characters. Here's an example of what dialog choice should look like.

  • Icon - This is optional, and if left out will not display any icon. The Icon name refers to a hard coded image, which match the in-game display name such as "Samuel". Currently, Additional portraits can not be added as calling them by game code, but existing portraits can be edited and replaced. The Portrait name refers to a portion of the Assets\UI\Art\New HUD\CharacterPortraits85x113.dds file.

Portraits are: Mac Haalee Vexen Valen Artix Ventrix Athena Narrator Agememnon Agethon Nihilon

  • Text - Refers to a line of text in one of the many .csv files in the Assets\UIText directory. The amount of characters determines duration of the dialog on screen, unless an audio file is played.
  • Audio - This is optional, plays an audio file intended for voice over to match a line of text. The length of the audio file determines the duration the dialog plays.

Here's an example of what it looks like.

 <Trigger Name="tIntro_Pan" Type="Timer" Timer="0" Inactive="1" >
     <Entry Icon="Samuel" Text="Atwater_Intro1" Audio="Audio/Campaign/Genesis3_Atwater/Genesis3_Atwater_Samuel_1.wav" />
     <Entry Icon="Nihilon" Text="Atwater_Intro2" Audio="Audio/Campaign/Genesis3_Atwater/Genesis3_Atwater_Nihilon_1.wav" />
     <Entry Icon="Nihilon" Text="Atwater_Intro3" Audio="Audio/Campaign/Genesis3_Atwater/Genesis3_Atwater_Nihilon_2.wav" />