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Substrate - Destructor
Sub cruisers destructor.jpg
General Information
Type Cruiser
Constructed by Assembly
Time 40 seconds
Metal 452
Radioactives 107
Logistics 12
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 155
Shield 420
Sight Radius 1000
Radar Radius 1015
Weapon - Plasma Rain Launcher
DPS 156
Range 1400
Armor-piercing; Area effect weapon; Requires energy
Weapon - Orion Plasma Cannon
DPS 12
Range 1400

The Destructor is a cruiser-class ship for the Substrate.

Long-range cruiser effective against buildings.


This anti-building cruiser is a huge problem for structures that aren't properly defended. Its Plasma Rain Launcher utilizes indirect fire and rips through buildings easily while having the range to outrange base defenses. While the Orion Plasma Cannon is a defensive energy weapon for smaller targets.


  • Destructor is generally regarded as an inferior Artemis due to not having the anti-frigate potential as well as having to stand still while firing its siege weapon. However, it still gets the job done way better than cruisers that are not designed to deal with defenses.
  • Destructor does require energy to fire its siege weapon. While its energy consumption is not very drastic, it's a good habit to include at least 1 Capacitor to a group of Destructors so that they will never get energy-starved. This habit also conveniently covers the radar necessity since Capacitor possesses radar utility.
  • Like all siege units, it's best to always accompany the Destructor with radar, in either building or unit form, to allow the Destructor to fire its siege weapon into the fog.
  • Destructor siege weapon has 100% accuracy, as the weapon trajectory would suggest.

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