Destruction Trigger

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Destruction Trigger

Destruction triggers fire when something specific dies.


  • IsBuilding - If this is a building (if not it refers to a unit).
  • Target - Name of the script-spawned unit or building.

Common Usage

  • Failing a scenario if the player loses a VIP unit
  • Completing objectives when the player destroys a target


  • Cannot be used with units/buildings built 'organically' - only stuff spawned and named within the script
  • For explicit victory conditions built on blowing up enemy Nexuses, use ZoneCapture instead


 <Trigger Name="tLossSpeech" Type="Destruction" Target="uPlayerHero2" > 
     <Entry Icon="Haalee" Text="Ganymede_Loss_1"  Audio = "Audio/Campaign/Memories2_Ganymede/Memory_2_Haalee_12.wav" />
   <Objective Name="oProtectAvatar" String="Ganymede_oProtectAvatarFailed" SetCheck="false" />
   <ActivateTrigger Target="tActualLoss" />

From Ganymede in Memories, this plays audio when the player loses their special Avatar unit, marks the objective failed, and activates a short timer for the actual mission loss (so you have a chance to hear the dialog and reflect on your failure).

 <Trigger Name="tSouthSurvived" Type="Destruction" Target="uSouthReinforcement_Leader" >
   <Reveal Name="rSouthIncoming_Reveal" Position="200,5900" Size="700" Enable="0" />
     <Entry Icon="Haalee" Text="Europa_SouthSurvived_1" Audio = "Audio/Campaign/Memories3_Europa/Memory_3_Haalee_15.wav" />
   <Objective Name="oSurviveSouth" String="Europa_oSurviveSouth" SetCheck="true" />
   <Objective Name="oIncoming"     Hide="true" />
   <ActivateTrigger Target="tFadeMaulerObjective" />
   <ActivateTrigger Target="tPlayerFreeDreads" />

From Europa in Memories, this moves the scenario along when the player destroys an incoming force they were warned about.