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The Hermes
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The Cronus is a Juggernaut class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.


This massive siege dreadnought has a long range and is deadly against buildings. Its defensive capabilities also make it an impressive capital ship. The Cronus’ heavy armor absorbs up to 90% of incoming damage, making this a very difficult ship to take down.

The Cronus is armed with an impressive array of weapons. The 2 WM-205 Atropos Missile Batteries mounted on it are a specialized anti-ground variant of the Atropos missile system. It launches large swarms of missiles to bombard enemies from a safe range, targets radar contacts, does impressive area damage, and pierces armor with ease. 

In addition to its missiles, the Cronus boasts an impressive 6 Mozart Mix-I Hyper Velocity Railguns. This variant railgun is useful for short-range defensive fire and launches a small metallic round at supersonic speed. 

Weapon Specs

WM-205 Missile Battery

  • 33 DPS per unit
  • 2250 meter range
  • Area Effect Weapon
  • Long Recharge
  • Targets Radar Contacts

Mozart Mix-1 Hyper Velocity Railgun

  • 67 DPS per unit
  • 720 meter range