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There are many shortcuts and hotkeys that are common across most RTS type games. Ashes of the Singularity shares some of those, but also introduces some unique key bindings of its own. As a short overview, here are some of the controls you’ll absolutely want to know in order to start playing the game effectively.


  • LEFT-CLICK to select a unit
  • LEFT-DRAG to select several units
  • RIGHT-CLICK to send to a destination
  • RIGHT-DRAG to move the map. (the game will have options to change the bindings)
  • SCROLL-WHEEL to zoom in and out. Holding down this button will let you rotate the map and holding the SHIFT key while doing it will let you change the camera pitch


  • F1 will select an idle engineer (we will update the UI to display idle engineers)
  • SHIFT will show all current orders and allow you to say up waypoints
  • ALT will show the weapon range of your units
  • CTRL and a number key will set up control groups. This is important because control groups are shown on the map
  • # keys can set up control groups. Then, you can hit the number key to select that control group
  • TAB will allow you to tab into the next group of keyboard short-cuts for a selected unit or building
  • Arrow Keys Move camera
  • M Rotate camera


  • Hold SHIFT to queue multiple orders. This is exceptionally useful for Engineers/Constructors.
  • Hold ALT to display effective ranges for units and buildings.
  • Hold SHIFT with units selected to view their current destinations.
  • Hold SHIFT with buildings selected to view their current rally points.
  • A+LEFT-CLICK issues an attack-move order.
  • F1 to cycle through any idle Engineers/Constructors.
  • F2 to cycle through any idle Factories/Assemblies.
  • F3 Select all air units on screen
  • Home Zoom to Nexus.
  • CTRL+(1-9) to assign the current selection to that number. Double-tap that number to jump to that group. Useful for production buildings to update rally points
  • [V] to combine the current selection into an army. Armies are commanded as single units and support each other in combat.
  • [B] to break up an army. This can be useful if you want to retreat.
  • [F] Patrol
  • Use armies [V] to your advantage. Controlling individual units is so 2009.
  • Orbitals [C] are powerful single-shot abilities. Their cost increases with each use.
  • Upgrades [X] are crucial to victory. Don't forget Logistics!