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Sub constructor.jpg
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Worker
Cost 3 Logistics, 200 Metal, 40 seconds
Hit Points 80
Energy 0
Shields 270
Armor 20%

The Constructor is the builder for the Substrate.

Fragile constructor unit. Multiple Constructors can speed up build time or boost unit production.


The Constructor is a non-combat basic unit that is responsible for using stored patterns in its Fabrication Array to construct buildings. In addition, its Fusion Arc allows the Constructor to aid in producing units more quickly when assigned to specific buildings. When buildings or units are damaged, the Constructor can also use the Fusion Arc to fuse nanites into the affected buildings and repair them.

Weapon Specs

Fabrication Array

Uses stored patterns to construct various structures or to assist in unit construction.

Fusion Arc

Restores damaged units and structures by fusing repair nanites into the affected target.

  • 50 DPS per unit
  • 200 meters range
  • Armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • Constructor is the source of every progress in the game, be it production, resource, economy or tech. They should be protected through out the game.
  • Constructor can repair buildings without actually interacting with it. Simply having the Constructor near a damaged building will trigger its Fusion Arc repair "weapon".
  • Constructor is built slowly and limited at the Nexus at the early game. Thus, it should be planned out carefully how to use them as well as how to protect them according to such plans.