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The Assets/GameCore/BuildingTemplates.csv file controls build time, cost, armor, HP, and more for all buildings. There are a number of fields in this file, some of which are unintuitive, which I will be explaining here. Other components of the building such as weaponry is done in different files. Leaving aside some of the obvious things like Icon Index or Max health, let's take a look at the columns in this file:

Name: This is the internal reference name, this is used when applying the building in scenario scripting or placing on build menus.

Name[1]: Refers to a line in the Asset/UIText/BuildingText.csv file, determining the in-game name of the building. Often the internal reference name and display name are not the same.

Description: Refers to a line in the Asset/UIText/BuildingText.csv file, determining the in-game tooltip of the building when hovering over the icon.

Flags: Flags are specific utilities that can be added, driven from game code. For example "BlocksCapture" allows them to capture or block capturing of points, and certain structures have unique flags.

Prereq flag: The requirements of the structure, a Smarty can't be built unless the player has a Factory.

Granted flag: The flag which is generated when the structure is built, which is used to serve as a prereq flag.

Data Cost: Data is the old term for Radioactives. Whenever you see "Data" it means Radioactives.

ModuleDefinitionFile: The modules the building has, this is what determines which weaponry, construction modules or drones the structure has.

Gridsize: The size a structure takes up in regards to pathing and placing structures adjacent to each other.

Asset: The 3d model and textures used to create the building.

Buildtime: This not only is the time it takes an engineer to build the structure, but also the upgrade time.

Armor: Grants a percentage damage reduction unless the attacking weapon has armor-piercing. No buildings currently use armor, as anti-building damage is already limited by many weapons not being able to target buildings at all. 1 Armor represents 5% damage reduction, so 10 armor is 50%.